About Us...

.... continued from Home Page The three main ways we do this is through education first and foremost. Without the correct, unbiased knowledge, we believe it is impossible for you to make the right choice in products or services that will be best for your four legged friend. As part of our customer service, we prefer you to have the ability to make an educated decision on what products are best for you and if you find such product else where then great, the information is yours totally free of charge.
The second way, is through our range of quality products. Each product is strenuously tested and regularly used by all active C.E.S team members and we
have a zero tolerance to any failures or safety concerns. We have
done our best to give you a wide range of well designed products and we
  also offer a complete custom made option or minor modifications to our standard product range.

          The third and most important way through is our services. With over twenty years personal hands on experience working with dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes and problems and with the professional contacts of those with many more years at our disposal we have made it our goal to be able to solve as many problems any of our customers may have.

C.E.S Products
For the outdoors people, we have an extensive range of leads, collars, and walking belts. For the indoor people we have our own range of heavy duty collapsible crates, elevated beds and dog chew toys. All C.E.S products and services can be customized and tailored to your requirements and if you don’t see a product you’re after you can special order it at any time.

          Exercise is very important for our canine companions.C.E.S caters for those who love dry land and

snow sled racing or just want to go for a scooter ride with their dogs run in harness. We offer complete racing set ups for beginners including stakeout lines and gang lines. We are also developing our own line of affordable rig and scooters however these are still in development and not available for sale just yet.
          In 2015 C.E.S became the Australian representative for Dogbooties Products, which are used in the Iditarod and Yukon Quest, two of the biggest dog sled races in the world. Extensive research and development, strenuous product testing and a high level of quality control go into every product ensuring every product will last for years to come with minimal maintenance.

          In 2016, C.E.S became a Victorian representative of Ivory Coat premium dry food which is an extremely high quality dry dog food specially formulated with a holistic approach. Available in two, eight, thirteen and by special arrangement Twenty KG Bags.

          We cater for almost every need a dog owner may have no matter the breed, size or age. If security is an issue, we can assist in dog proofing yards, installation of doggie doors and whatever you need to keep your best friend safe and secure no matter the activity. We are also set up for giving your best friend hydro baths, blow dry (Blow outs) and nail clipping while specializing in the not so easy to handle or traumatized pets department. For more technical grooming we have allied ourselves with a professional dog grooming salon in Bendigo Victoria for your convenience

The Future of C.E.S

          2016 sees C.E.S expanding for the third time in three years with the purchase of 40 acres in Myers Flat. Once construction is complete opportunities for you and your best friend will include one and two dog training tracks, Agility equipment area, Weight pull facilities, Boarding Kennels and powered camp sites for weekend camping.

          We also secured Nordkyn Outfitters as a supplier of racing equipment and raw materials so our high level of quality materials that some of our products are made from is guaranteed. 

          Continuous Education of our team members ensures the services offered such as obedience training, yard improvements, nail clipping, race equipment servicing and holiday boarding is the very best money can buy