Gang Line Cable 2 Dog Extension
Gang Line Cable 2 Dog Extension
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          Cable Gang Lines are highly recommended for anyone wishing to run any size team from a staggered two dog right up to an eight dog plus team. Any team configuration that has one dog behind another can be inspiration for the rear dog to begin chewing on the gang lines. Another reason for chewing could be during slow or walking pace training when the dogs just want to run.

​          C.E.S Cable lines are made from PVC coated galvanised cable. The PVC coating protects your dogs teeth if they decide to have a chew while the cable give a high level of non-chewable strength. The central line (Gang Line) are 4mm cable with the line connecting the gang line to your dogs harness (tugs) and neck lines being made from 3mm cable. finished off with all brass clips, heavy duty glued heat shrink and Galvanised cable protectors. These lines are sure to last.

The two dog Cable extension is the section that runs from your rear two dogs (Wheel dogs) to the next two dogs in your team. Connected to the cable two dog line with a quick link this is a very quick, easy and safe way to grow your team from 2 dogs, to four, to six etc as your experience grows. 

Currently only available for dogs the size of a Husky with Malamute lines coming soon

Please Note: Cable Gang Lines are NOT sold as a complete Unit. They are designed to be interchangeable and to remove the bungee if required. To order a complete Gang Line you will need to order

1 x Bungee,
1 x 2 Dog cable and
1 x 2 Dog Cable Extension (for every two dogs over four you want to run)

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